We Happy Few Getting Movie Adaption

A movie based on the survival game We Happy Few is in the works.

Variety reports that We Happy Few developer Compulsion Games is working with Gold Circle Entertainment and dj2 Entertainment for the movie adaption. Gold Circle Entertainment produced Pitch Perfect, while dj2 Entertainment was recently announced as the producer of another video game adaption, Sleeping Dogs.

We Happy Few is still in early access with no confirmed release date. Companion Games confirmed that the movie is still a few years away, so the game’s full release will come first. The producers are seeking writers for the project.

We Happy Few is a survival horror game for Xbox One and PC set in the fictional English town of Wellington Wells during an alternative-1960s where the government forces citizens to take a drug called “Joy.” The drug keeps the citizens happy but also leaves them easily-controlled and morally dubious. Players control a character who refuses to take his Joy, and ends up labeled as a “Downer.”

A trailer for the game previewed at E3 2016, with an early access release of the game following shortly after in July 2016. The early access version focuses on the survival aspects of the game, with most of the story content being held back for the full release.

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