Microtransactions Return to Star Wars Battlefront 2 in Next Update

Microtransactions are returning to Star Wars Battlefront II on April 18 alongside a new Ewok Hunt mode.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s new update, Night on Endor, brings with it the return of Crystals which are purchased with real-world money. Crystals can only be exchanged for cosmetic Appearances, although the Appearances can also be acquired for credits which are earned in-game. Over 50 Appearances are included in the update, including Endor Leia and Endor Han, which will let players add a touch of personalization to their characters.

The update also includes limited-time multiplayer mode Ewok Hunt, which features a battle on Endor as Ewoks ambush a group of Stormtroopers. You can choose to play as either the Ewoks or the Stormtroopers. Ewoks are limited to spears and Wisties whereas the stormtroopers have access to the vastly superior firepower of the Empire. However, every stormtrooper killed spawns another Ewok, stacking the odds increasingly in the Ewok’s favor. The stormtroopers must hold off the ambush until an extraction team arrives. EA has not stated how long the Ewok Hunt mode will remain available.

Microtransactions were pulled from Battlefront II shortly before the official release of the game following an angry response from fans who were concerned about pay-to-win elements in the competitive multiplayer modes. By restricting Crystals to cosmetic only purchases, EA will hope to avoid a repeat of the headlines that prompted a global conversation about the links between lootboxes and gambling.

The return of Crystals is part of a larger revamp of Battlefront II’s progression system. From April 18, Star Cards and Parts will no longer be available in crates. Players will keep all the Star Cards they have earned to date, however Parts will no longer be used to craft Star Cards. Instead, players will be able to convert Parts into Skill Points which can unlock and upgrade Star Cards. Skill Points will be earned by playing multiplayer and will be unit specific. Going forward, crates will only be earned by logging in daily and completing milestones and timed challenges. EA published an FAQ which explains how the microtransactions change the in-game economy and what you should do to prepare.


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